About Us

Built by Universal Unit Coin, $UUC is a decentralized public blockchain that has high performance and EVM compatibilities.

$UUC is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for ease of smart contract development. $UUC is compatible with any tools for Ethereum and other EVM chains.

$UUC can be stored on MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, MathWallet, Elatos Wallet, and any wallet that supports custom EVM chains.


Our Mission

Universal Unit Coin (UUC) is a digital currency that operates on a decentralized blockchain network, and is designed to incentivize learning and skill-building through gamification. The UUC blockchain enables users to earn tokens by completing educational courses, participating in online challenges and competitions, and demonstrating mastery in various fields of study.

One of the most innovative applications of UUC is its integration with the educational framework called P2P (Pathways to Pipelines), which was developed by Dr. Malik Stalbert. P2P is the first educational framework that implements true gamification using UUC and Attention-Driven Design, which is a methodology that focuses on capturing and holding the attention of learners through engaging and interactive experiences and environments.

The P2P framework uses UUC to reward students for completing educational modules and achieving specific learning outcomes. The P2P ecosystem also uses UUC for store purchases, events, group support, and more. As students progress through the framework, they earn and trade UUC tokens that can be used to unlock additional educational content, as well as virtual assets and rewards within games and other online communities.

The integration of UUC with P2P and Attention-Driven Design is an exciting development in the world of education and cryptocurrency. By combining the power of blockchain technology with innovative educational frameworks, UUC is helping to create a new paradigm for learning that is more engaging, rewarding, and accessible than ever before, while capturing the modern day learners’ attention.

The Deets


All about $UUC

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The Spread


How the premine coins are distributed

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The Future

Our Utility

In order for a project to become successful, it is necessary to develop technologies that captivates investors.


In order for the community grow and gain confidence in the Universal Unit Coin team, the Dev's are always updating the Website.

Smart Contracts

$UUC supports the creation of tokens, NFTs, and other smart contracts. In addition to decentralized applications.


Obtaining a long-term income is one of the goals of many investors in the crypto world. It is possible to mine Universal Unit Coin.

Universal Unit Coin

Roadmap 2023

The team created a road map to organize and show the community what the goals are over time.

Step 1

✅ - Website Creation

✅ - Telegram

✅ - Twitter

✅ - Initial Marketing

Step 2

x - Explorer Main

✅ - Explorer Test

x - Marketing Push

Step 3

x - CoinMarketCap Listing

x - CoinGecko Listing

x - Heavy Marketing






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